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Cost Comparison Between Two Vehicles


You want to evaluate all of the variables (purchase price, interest rate and insurance cost) before buying a car? Instantly calculate the real cost of buying a car and compare various car buying scenarios.

Shortcut: Fill in all the boxes in the Scenario 1 column and then click on "Copy 1 to 2". This will automatically copy Scenario 1 values into the Scenario 2 column. You can then modify the variables in column 2 to determine the difference in cost.



Car buying Scenario 1

Car buying Scenario 2

Price of vehicle, including options:

Applicable sales tax percentage :

Annual cost of licensing this vehicle:

Cost of extended warranty
(if applicable) :

Will you be financing this vehicle?(" Y " or " N ") :

Amount of down-payment: :

Annual interest rate (annual percentage rate):

Number of months financed:

Annual insurance premium:

Number of kilometres you expect to drive this car per year:

Estimated kilometres per litre rating of this car:

Cost of one litre of gasoline:

Age of the vehicle (in years):

Number of years you expect to own this vehicle:

Estimated monthly maintenance and repair cost of your car:



Tax, license and extended warranty costs:

Depreciation costs:

Financing costs:

Insurance costs:

Fuel costs:

Maintenance and repair costs:

Total cost of buying and owning the car:

Annual cost of owning and operating this vehicle:

Fuel cost per km:

Summary :

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