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Make sure you’re properly protected when you hit the road!

You’ve decided to go on a short road trip… what a great idea! Whether you’re going solo, as a couple or with family, discovering the most beautiful parts of Quebec, Ontario or even the East Coast at your own pace can be a marvellous experience.

Here’s the hitch: you’re not used to packing light! What’s more, you need to squeeze in bikes and more, but your car just isn’t big enough! So, you get yourself a roof box and bike rack and you’re ready to roll. Is your insurance coverage sufficient for this kind of trip?”

Here are a few things to consider before leaving…

  • Luggage transported inside your vehicle or in a roof box is covered if stolen, subject to certain conditions set out in your home insurance contract.
  • If stolen, bikes kept on an exterior rack are also generally covered by your home insurance.
  • If a kayak or other object attached to the roof of your car comes loose, hits another vehicle and causes an accident, your car insurance covers your civil liability.

Want to know more about your protection before taking off on a well-deserved break? Simply get in touch with your broker…and bon voyage!

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