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Synchro Insurance

Your home and your car – a winning combination

Your home and your car are your most important assets, so it only makes sense to get the right insurance coverage for both. That way, you’ll be protected at all times and get the best value for your money. With Synchro Insurance what you get is years of peace of mind!

Get the best value and price

Synchro Insurance is the perfect combination to insure both your home and your car. Not only do you get superior coverage, but this winning combination lets you save up to 15% on your home insurance coverage.

When simplicity and savings go hand in hand

How do we offer twice the coverage, without twice the hassle and twice the paperwork? The answer:  Synchro Insurance. It’s simple, flexible and advantageous for your home and car.  For example, did you know you can avoid a premium increase that could occur following a claim by negotiating your second policy up to six months in advance?  Smart, don’t you think!

And extra benefits too …

  • only one deductible to pay if a loss affects both your car and home
  • no deductible in case of total loss of the vehicle or a hit and run
  • up to $1,000 for changing the locks following the theft of your car or house keys
  • up to $60,000 for damage to a borrowed or rented vehicle
  • up to $75 per day (maximum $2,250) to rent a car and up to $1,125 for additional expenses following an accident that makes your car unusable
  • you’re eligible even if the house belongs to one spouse and the car to the other

We’re standing by, ready to provide information and advice!

To find out more about Synchro Insurance or to get sound advice about auto or home insurance products, call or e-mail us. We’ll get back to you within 2 hours during regular business hours.

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