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Home Insurance - Water Damage

Protect yourself from stormy weather!

Increasingly, climate change has become a concern a lot of us share.  And many of you are looking for ways to protect yourself and your home from water damage. We commend you for your foresight, and we want to help.

Fortunately, we see things the same way. And can show you how to adjust your home insurance to help you get over your fear of water!

Advice to help you stay dry!

If your home is damaged by water, as an Intact Insurance policyholder, we’ll help you get things back to normal quickly. However, prevention is always better than having it happen. So here’s some advice:

  • Regularly inspect your walls, foundations and window frames for any sign of dampness or mould.
  • Make sure your basement sump pump is working properly.
  • Check your roof for missing or damaged shingles or tiles.
  • When heavy rain is forecast, make sure all your windows are securely closed.

We’re standing by, ready to provide information and advice!

To find out more about water damage or to get more advice, call or e-mail us. We’ll get back to you within 2 hours during regular business hours. 


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